Integrated Marketing Specialist

Digital, Public Relations, Events and Emceeing


Welcome to Wunderboom!

We are an outsourcing solutions for your business, based in Toronto, Canada.

We would be able to devise a plan and budget to your needs and goals, and work with you from project basis to short to long term with retainers, for stronger results and for better follow-through.

We operate on a flexible basis, where we work out the scope of work with you and your management, and work closely with you on the deliverables. We can also be flexible with certain needs that you may have, to fit in nicely to what you have missing in your current set-up. We are happy to fill the gap, and help you strive towards your goals.

Listed below are some of Our Services, click on the service suited to you below to read more and get in touch.

Marketing assistance


Do you need help strengthening your Marketing processes that drive your business? Have you done your annual Marketing Calendar yet, put in strategies and see how you ride the peaks and troughs of the market? Read more

Public Relations / Media Relations assistance


Do you have a product to launch and tell everyone via mass media, need help writing a press release, organise interviews with the media? Need help with speechwriting, copywriting? Read more

Event Emcee


Do you have an event coming up where you need an emcee carry your audience through the event and inject some fun and games into it? Read more

Or simply get in touch with Wunderboom directly here👈🏼

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