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If you need someone to manage the flow of your event, we can help you. From helping you firm up the itinerary, and to smoothly run your event in the tone that you prefer – Professional corporate, or simply a fun one!

Get in touch with us and we will tailor to your needs once we understand your event goals and objectives, audience and other important factors that can positively affect the delivery outcome.

There are many ways to liven up an event, whether it is an annual dinner, or product launch or even a wedding. Emcee interaction with the crowd can be combined with fun and games. From physical challenges, to funny competitive games. Whilst most of these events are from organisations, other interesting ways to add value to the event could even be games with team building elements. Since there is a gathering of a certain group of people, it is worth putting in some effort to let the audience return with some take-aways and learnings. But all in all, most of the time what is most expected is a jolly good time.
We have experience ranging from live television hosting, to corporate events with Malaysian Ministers, weddings, concerts, mall tours, launches, etc.

Some instances even included acting through a skit with Harith Iskandar, Malaysia’s funnyman in Sunway Pyramid Mall.

And of course presentability and presence of the emcee is also an important factor. We’ll do our best to charm the ladies and gentlemen. Haha!

So looking at the spectrum of how delivery can vary, think about what is best for your event. And get in touch with us for further discussion. We look forward to hearing from you.

Article on emcees by Venuescape Malaysia:


Here’s Kesh below promoting the New City by Honda:

In the Ambi Pur Nose Blind video below, Kesh is scene playing a skit scenario with Malaysia’s funnyman Harith Iskandar at Sunway Pyramid Mall concourse in Malaysia.

He has also vast experience emceeing in malls – from 8TV mall tours to the days working with Pavilion Group including fahrenheit88 mall and Pavilion KL. Below is Kesh hosting a casual fashion talk at the new DaMen mall by Pavilion REIT in USJ Subang Jaya the recent March 2017.

During a sofa-sit down interview event with expert motorcyclist and his family on their motorcycle journey through Indo-China using SYM Motorcycles, Kesh switched his phone on record to give you a glimpse to the event.

Below are some ads he starred in in the past.



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