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Revolving around Integrated Marketing, Wunderboom is a resource of Integrated Marketing, covering the disciplines of Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Public Relations, Emceeing, Marketing Planning and Events. Follow for similar updates

The Admin / Writer

I’m the writer of this page Kesh Sandhu, A Punjabi mixed Chinese from Malaysia Truly Asia, now residing in Toronto as a Permanent Resident of Canada. First used as a business page when I was running my Marketing, Public Relations and Emcee services in Malaysia, I have since migrated to Canada, and am currently setting up my professional life in Toronto. Meanwhile, I have turned the static business website into an informative one, where I will share my expertise in the areas of Marketing I have delved into within my years in the promotional world of Integrated Marketing. For further details, have a look at my Linkedin profile.

I am currently undertaking a Postgraduate Certificate in Digital Marketing Management from University of Toronto, brushing up my skills and developing this exploding marketing channel. Always good to keep up with the times and trends.


Whilst gaining my footing, I’m on the keen lookout for Marketing opportunities in Toronto. But meanwhile, I will take my life journey onto the next phase and let’s see where the wind blows.

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