With the Canada’s decision almost nationwide across Federal and Provincial governments to soon legalize cannabis, there has been a boom of investment and interest into the sector, due to the sheer size of the market and potential growth opportunities.

As for Marketers, there are also great opportunities. From packaging, to promotion according to the legal framework set by the governments, and most importantly educating the public. Which is one of the reasons why cannabis is also being legalized, to give an opportunity for the black market to be regulated, controlled, product quality assurance and users educated so that consumptions lean toward healthier practices.


In the rush to see if there is any gold in this blossoming industry, I decided to check out a couple of industry events that took place in May 2018 in Downtown Toronto. Here’s the rundown:

‘Cannabis is Coming’ Event

Organized by with American Marketing Association  23 May 2018 at Revive, College St. Toronto.

Lift & Co. Expo 2018 at Metro Convention Centre, Downtown Toronto

Catch a glimpse of my tour of the Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre , featuring booths ranging from:

  • Legal Consultants to help business ideas turn into a legal entity
  • Machinery for oil-based and water soluble extraction of THC and CBD Cannabinoids
  • Seeds and growing methods
  • Equipment for growers
  • Applications of usage from medicine, to edibles, to smoke, vaporize, as a spa range, etc.

Check out the walkthrough in the video below.

Regulation by Canadian Federal and Provincial Governmental Authorities

Have a look at the resources below linking to governmental regulations and guidelines on the industry from Federal to Provincial levels. A lot of framework is still being built, and will be worked on with industry players as time moves along.

Federal Government of Canada on Legalization and Regulation of Cannabis

Canadian Provincial Government Cannabis Regulations

Ontario Government on Cannabis Legalization

British of Columbia Government Framework for the Legalization of non-Medical Cannabis

Alberta’s Approach to Cannabis Legalization

Saskatchewan Cannabis Framework

Cannabis Legalization in Nova Scotia

Cannabis Legalization in Nunavut


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