How to rent a bike in Toronto

One of the easiest ways if you are travelling through or new to Toronto is to get onto Toronto’s Bike Share service; Bike Share Toronto.

Bike Share Toronto

When in Downtown Toronto, you should come across some Bike Share Toronto stations.


How Bike Share Toronto works

  • Unlock
  • Ride
  • Return


  • Annual, $90
  • 3-Day Pass, $15
  • Day Pass , $7

Visit Bike Share Toronto for more information.

The good thing about subscribing to this bike share service is that the bike stations are strategically located throughout Downtown Toronto, and slightly beyond. Bikes are also usually in good condition, well maintained, and can get you to your destinations, walk a bit, and pick up another bike at a different station that is closest to where you are at any moment.

Here, I share my little bicycle adventure from High Park end of Lake Shore Toronto, to Harbour front, then back up through the city towards University of Toronto.

It was about perhaps 6km from one end to the other of the Lake Shore bicycle pathway, but mind you I had to cycle back home, so in the end I cycled about 18km that day. But the weather was glorious, and temperature cool enough at about 17C to keep refreshed, but at a balmy warm comfortable temperature.

Toronto just got out of winter, so lovely to see the greens finally filling the surroundings.

Gallery View

Have a look at the gallery of my Spring mid-May 2018 cycle from High Park West End of Lakeshore Drive up to Harbour Front at Bay Street, then back up to University of Toronto.



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