by Kesh Sandhu, @Keshsandhu, 15 May 2018

For those who are looking at building your own website, sometimes you can get a little engrossed in the area of your interest. For example if you are a creative designer, you may want to be focused on the design aspect of it. Whereas if you are a functional person, you may think of the architecture of your website without looking enough into design.


So here are 7 key principles of building a website, which should help guide you pay enough attention to each key area of importance when building or evaluating your website.

  • 1.  Content

    • Content Marketing is key to driving your website. New, fresh, relevant content – to drive your online marketing strategy
  • 2.  Usability

    • Ensure that the customer journey is aligned with your planned Online Marketing Strategy
    • Focus on content & utility over graphics
    • Ensure that you conduct Usability Testing to gain insights for improvement and gauging.
  • 3.  Consistency

    • Tone of voice
    • Buyer persona attention maintenance
    • Design
    • Reliability
    • Brand
    • Service
  • 4.  Speed

    • Optimal and responsive
  • 5.  Navigation

    • Architecture of information (primary, secondary / menus and submenus)
    • Internal and External linking
    • Seamless navigation, easy, clear, intuitive
    • Leading the customer successfully through your Online Marketing Strategy
    • Navigation filters


  • 6.  Interactivity

    • Pictures, Charts, Videos
    • Content, Forms, Applications / Widgets
    • Online Chat
    • Feedback (ratings, reviews, comments, forums, ask a question)
    • Social Media
    • Surveys and Polls
    • Contests
    • Downloads
    • Gamification
  • 7.  Visual Design

Here’s another take on it:

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