So we all like new beginnings and new chances at things. Well the New Year is certainly a good time to start things fresh, and head down a chapter that is yet to be written into history. Here I am suggesting that it could all boil down to a positive attitude. And to maintain that mindset and frame of mind to ensure that thoughts result in actions and words – all positive in direction with respect to your goals set out for yourselves.

Keep them positive. When you catch yourselves in the grind of negative thoughts, of how bad 2016 was, of how it could be worse in 2017, snap out of it, and quite the Negative Energy Flow and turn it into positive.

When you think positive, you will also communicate positively. Or vice versa. So in office, start practicing Open, Positive Communication with your colleagues and business partners.

Ending on a positive note myself, I hope you have a wonderful positive 2017 year of the Rooster (Chinese zodiac). May all your hopes, dreams and KPI’s come true.