It’s already 30th December 2016! Is your list ready? If not here’s a quick Last Minute Guide to your New Year’s Resolutions.

So what do people put in their New Year’s Resolutions? They tend to be mostly:

  • improvements to things they don’t like about themselves, things that bug their minds
  • things they feel they’re running short of in their lives, things they want more of
  • things they want to improve, be better than before

Whilst creating your list, don’t forget to make it a BALANCED New Year’s Resolution List.


A. Personal Wellbeing

  • health
  • appearance
  • mental sharpness
  • holidays
  • hobbies
  • activities
  • good habits vs. bad habits to add and reduce on
  • short-term vs long-term life goals – are you on track?


B. Social Circle – Family, Friends & Networks

  • Who you missed out on and want to spend more time with
  • Who you want to cut down on to make space for others
  • Who you want to improve relations with, and how


C. Work

  • Are you on the path that leads towards your long-term goals? Are you happy with carrying on?
  • If you are happy, then what will you do to be better in 2017
  • What do you want to achieve professionally by end 2017, you will have to start putting those visions into place by January 2017

It’s all a race against time. So best have it all nicely planned out against the year to come.

Happy Planning, HAPPY NEW YEAR, and Happy Executing!!!