Orders are orders. And most of the time everyone gets to it. As per the drill. But sometimes, it can get to you a little and hit a nerve. Especially if you’ve already had a bad start to the day, the last thing you need really.


So everyone does their best to manage themselves and the professional surroundings that they operate in. But there can come times where we feel that it has gone too far, and we need to speak up and voice out what’s upsetting you as it is affecting work performance.

So how do you tell it?

So if you really have to say it, a few things to keep in mind are:

  • How you say it – say it politely, without getting emotional, keep professional
  • Present facts and solutions
  • Discuss, negotiate and come to an amicable agreement on how to move forward

Watch the video segment below on How To Say No To Your Boss.

But one thing you have to keep in mind though, not everyone likes to be put in their place, or repositioned. Especially if they are sitting on a higher horse than you are.

It’s a strange balance that one needs to adapt to based on personality, as well as clever instincts and EQ. Good luck!