Caution, may result in Medical Leave. Please consult doctor early Monday morning if symptoms are bad (feeling like you don’t want to wake up, that you don’t want to go to work, fever-flu-cough… all brewing). Go see a doctor then.


Sunday is such a relaxing day, even though it ends up a bit hectic, but the roads are clear, business is not at full speed, others relaxing – so it does exude a relaxing vibe nonetheless. And you get to do what you want to do, or do nothing at all.


But then when evening comes, Monday dawns upon you. You can’t escape it anymore, it’s still Sunday, but you know you’re living your last bits of the weekend. Sad but true. And here you mourn a little through the evening as you are giving up your freedom, back to the grind, back to being a good professional employee. A yes man.


So it’s no wonder then that people drag themselves to work on Mondays. They just can’t believe what they left behind (their freedom), and that they now have to suck it up and fake it through the week to get things done and pay the bills.

But could there be a secret of accepting Mondays, make some mental preparations for yourself so that Sundays evenings result in Monday excitement instead of doom and gloom. Maybe you need to set something you like to do at work first thing on Monday?

Whatever it is, acceptance and moving on with it certainly helps reduce the drag. Hopefully you’d be out of it by Tuesday. Good luck with your weekly cycles!