Whether it is a professional setting, or a personal one, when you meet someone, especially when they’re not from your own culture, you wonder how the handshake may vary. For example, if you meet a traditional Japanese person or a Middle Eastern lady, would you grab and shake their hands vigorously?

When you shake hands, the main objectives are:

  • To show understanding and agreement
  • To agree on something
  • To bond

So taking that into consideration, there are definitely some practices that are more conducive towards reaching those objectives.

Handshakes are an important part of human interaction and business, so find that sweet spot of yours. Test it out on your friends and see if they’re impressed, or ask you what are you doing?? Haha. Keep practicing. Meanwhile, enjoy The Good Guide to Shaking Hands Good video to see what type of handshake yours might be. Realisation is first step to improvement!