by Kesh Sandhu, @Kesh Sandhu

Infomercials were the hit in the 90’s, a product of the powerhouse and largest consumer market in the world – United States of America. Some are just so hilarious. But ain’t it great we have better platforms for ‘smart shopping’ these days?

These days, consumers are able to get a real retail therapy threat and binge with apps on our modern devices, like Groupon, and other shopping apps. Those days, it was technologically advanced to sit by the phone and wait for the number to come on the screen so you can get on it, make that order, and magically have it turn up at your door.


These days, smartphone apps seem to be the real way of the future. It’s convenient, in the palm of your hand, and now since everyone’s eyes are glued to their smartphones instead of the TV. That’s where marketers need to go.


So be thankful you live in such an interactive era. Go on, do some cyber shopping. And you don’t even need to park your car.