If you are planning to have a fun sort of event, where people can let loose and have some fun. Like say an annual dinner. Then you might want to think of engaging an emcee who can liven up your event with some stage games.

It’s the time of year when everyone has put in so much effort and work into the organization, and colleagues interacting professionally and also cordially with one another, it is long yearned to have a nice annual dinner for the organization where everyone can enjoy each other’s company in pure spirit, whilst enjoying some good food and filling their tummy’s up.

So when it comes to the annual dinner itinerary, aside from the usual speeches, service awards and lucky draws – games offer a great way to spice up the heat of the event, and get people competing in a friendly spirit. Corporate heads would just need to dangle good carrots for prizes like cash, or TVs, employees would certainly take the risk to join and walk away with such fantastic prizes, thanks to the organisation.


So for a fun good time, get in touch with Kesh of Wunderboom. His experience starts from his days as an advertising talent for commercials, and also hosted a live TV program Quickie on 8TV back in the day. He is based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, and can operate in the Klang Valley. Kesh speaks in English and Malay.

Wunderboom also offers Chinese speaking emcees, as well as female emcees.

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